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Breaking with tradition to improve care and lower claims costs

Our concept is simple... better care lowers costs.

At PayersDirect, we focus on doing what's best for the injured employee.  Period.  While others simply offer medical discounts, we go beyond lower prices, believing strongly that better, quicker, closer care provided by great healthcare provider partners is both the right thing to do and, in the end, saves the employer much more money. 


Our unique S.M.A.R.T. Care program oversees all diagnostic and therapy referrals for our clients - from start to finish -  to make sure medical care is delivered on-time and return-to-work happens sooner.   Since these services account for up to 40% of initial patient care, we can make a big impact on an employer's work comp program.

You can even add DME, Translation, Transportation and many other ancillary services... all integrated into one referral and tracking system.

In states with already low fee schedules, such as California, focusing solely on discounts often delays return-to-work and increases TD and litigation costs.  And where your medical dollar ends up is key to hidden problems. 



Transparency is a fundamental component of our business model, which is new for work comp.   We have always been compliant with CA SB 537 which took effect on July  1, 2021, but there's more.  Full Transparency proves we pay and treat our medical providers better than almost anyone in the industry, which is a big factor in why our care is better. 


We can fit into almost any current program, replacing inefficient and low quality care, appointment delays, lack of communication and vendor partners whose incentives are not aligned with the employer's needs.

Transparency leads to better decisions.

We're a snap to switch to.

Indemnity and litigation are more important than medical discounts

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Our technology is pioneering, improving efficiency and communication to lower claims costs.

Our proprietary cloud-based solutions were developed in-house over several years, offering: 

  • Truly instant referrals, without call center delays.

  • Computer-assisted "best" provider choices for every injured worker, every time.

  • Real-time tracking of appointment status for all medical services on a single screen for any claim.

  • 24/7 access to all medical reports for viewing and printing.

  • Immediate communication of care events between all stakeholders.

  • Smartphone injured employee engagement system. 

  • Our B.E.A.C.R. Program ensuring medical bills are correct before bill review.

  • 100% transparency of all scheduling, selection and payments processes.

Our HIPAA-secure web portals are used by adjusters, nurses, UR and bill review staff, referring physician offices and even by our employer clients.  Our technology approach and design have been admired with attempts to copy it, but still remain unmatched in the industry.

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"Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them."

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