Cutting work comp claims costs

by eliminating the middleman

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Diagnostic and Physical Therapy care

are about to change forever.  

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 Your employees deserve better. 

BETTER quality medical providers who get the job done correctly, the first time around.  QUICKER appointment times so decisions about care and return to work times shorten.  IMPROVED communication between all stakeholders to get your employees back to work.

 But that cannot happen with a middleman

The middleman scheduling network model is NOT in the best interest of the injured employee nor the employer.  Middlemen only make money by reselling medical services to you for a hidden profit.  They have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST when you let them decide which provider to send your employee to... the "best" or the one for which they make the biggest profit?  That might explain why you get subpar care, delayed appointments, overutilization and poor communication.


 Say hello to PayersDirect. 

We offer a fresh, innovative approach to work comp care, focusing on doing what’s "right" for the injured worker, their employer and the medical provider… resulting in quicker return-to-work, lower disability payments and much lower total claims costs.

We replace the need for and the problems with using middlemen provider networks.

We are changing the focus in work comp from traditional metrics to new ones that have a real impact on care and costs.  Our transparency and technology will change how work comp care gets delivered, monitored and measured forever.

 "Doing what's right" 
Eliminate profit conflicts when directing care.

Medical providers should NOT be chosen based on a middleman's reselling profit margin. These could be subpar providers, which can lead to poor care, over-utilization, missed diagnoses, delays in scheduling, lost medical reports, unnecessary travel and unhappy employees.


Doing what's right, PayersDirect never resells medical services and therefore has no profit conflicts.  Instead, we give you true open access to any provider for any referral.  We let you choose providers using proprietary analytics to find who is BEST for every referral, based on quality, training, experience, outcomes, speed-of-care, patient satisfaction, location and price. 

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Treat your medical providers as valuable partners.
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"PayersDirect is the best work comp relationship we have ever had."                                      PT practice CEO

Middleman networks WON'T show you how much of your medical payments they keep for themselves, often paying low wholesale rates to the providers that take care of your injured employees... pay so low that providers may need to take shortcuts in care delivery to make ends meet – which affects quality and increases claims costs.  That's no way to support your local medical practices!

Doing what's right, PayersDirect guarantees that 100% of your medical fee payment goes to the medical provider.  And since our small monthly service fee is much smaller than the large hidden middleman markups, our providers get paid much HIGHER rates.  Treating them better leads to better care and quicker appointments for your employees.  Because you're getting direct-provider pricing, your reported medical costs should be much lower than you currently are reporting.

Focus on indemnity costs, not medical discounts.
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Discount networks only report to you monthly "cost-savings" - a small percentage off of each medical bill.  But they FAIL to show you how such a focus on discounts and their low wholesale provider payments affect your indemnity costs due to lower quality, delayed care and poor communication.   


Doing what's right, PayersDIrect focuses on cutting your indemnity costs which can represent 10X more potential savings than traditional medical "cost-savings".  Providing the best quality care, delivered in the quickest time and communicating in real-time with all stakeholders is the best way to lower your indemnity claims costs.  We have the data to prove it.

"PayersDirect showed us how disability and labor costs were my real issue."                         Self-insured employer

Shorten return-to-work times by using real-time technology. 

Call center delays in processing your referrals and communicating status updates with treating physicians and injured workers cost you money.  Scheduling delays, missing reports, and communication mishaps do NOT need to be commonplace.


Doing what's right, PayersDirect offers industry-leading technology which speeds up care delivery with instant referrals and real-time information sharing portals for everyone - from adjuster and nurse, to referring physician, rendering providers, and even to employer and employee.  This results in more efficient care delivery and quicker recovery times.  Speed matters when you're paying for time off from work.

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Bring full transparency to work comp.

Traditional scheduling diagnostic and physical therapy networks operate opaquely, hiding how they direct care, make their profits, treat and pay their medical providers. 


Doing what's right, PayersDirect is making transparency the "new norm" for work comp.  We believe that everything should be clearly seen and understood by all parties and that our interests are completely aligned with our customers.  With transparency comes better purchasing decisions, improved care, shorter RTW and lower total claims costs.


Limit your financial risk

Traditional reselling networks handle your money without standard insurance oversight or protection.  You rely on them to promptly pay their subcontracted medical providers.  But what if they run into financial strain and do not pay the providers?  Would you be responsible to pay the providers - even though you already paid the network?


Doing what's right, PayersDirect has a better model.  We don't handle your money.  You pay the providers directly, eliminating the above financial risk.  Isn't that what risk management is all about?

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Our Leadership - Years of Experience

Rudy H. Flores- SVP Sales

& Customer Care


Rudy oversees business development, strategic partnerships and ongoing customer services. He is an accomplished work comp industry specialist, with over 20 years of valuable experience in Business development, Program Management, Leadership, Sales Analysis and Customer Support, working most recently as the National Sales Manager for myMatrixx.  Recognized by his peers as a passionate professional who always does the right thing for his customers, Rudy shares the values of PayersDirect and and wants to be an essential part of our industry-leading changes in how work comp care gets delivered.

Tarang Deshpande - CTO



Tarang designs and manages the PayersDirect cloud-based referral and tracking platform and oversees the research & development team.  He has 25 years of experience in software engineering, programing and development, including working as a research scientist and software engineer, as a development manager for both hardware and software projects and as a manager for deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure.  Tarang offers the rare skill set that combines software engineering talent with business process knowledge, earning him an outstanding reputation for quality, innovation and practicality.

Dick Turkanis, M.D. – Founder and CEO


A Harvard educated, board-certified radiologist, Dr. Turkanis is also a healthcare software visionary.  He successfully founded, was CEO and sold two healthcare IT companies…  RADMAN was the nation’s first Radiology Information System for imaging centers (“EMR for Radiology”) and the first company to integrate patient records with radiology images.  Diagnostic Village, a boutique California-based workers’ compensation diagnostic network offered first-of-its kind real-time online technology to its clients.  Dr. Turkanis brings his deep medical and software experience to PayersDirect to disrupt and improve work comp healthcare delivery, and to lower total claims costs.

Do what's right and cut your claims costs with PayersDirect 

Diagnostics and physical therapy care can be responsible for up to 50% of your indemnity costs.  It’s time the truth came out about how most  provider networks operate, how they affect patient care, how they can increase your total claims spend more than you think.


Compare us to your current vendor on each of the above issues.   


Ask us about our monthly cloud-based subscription service model - unlimited referrals for one low monthly fee - the first company to offer such a program in workers' compensation!


Diagnostic and Physical Therapy care are about to change forever

Be part of the solution.  Now. 


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